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    My friend Kerria and I climbed a mountain and slept under the stars. We found ancient mountain forests, plenty of snow, loads and loads of blood-hungry bugs, and wonderful sweeping views of Vancouver, Indian Arm, Coquitlam Lake, and faraway Mt Baker. And now that I can walk again I can say it was one great little trip.

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    The Halvor Lunden trail near Buntzen Lake. There are three trails you can choose from; we hiked the Swan Falls Loop, and split it up into two days. Its a pretty difficult hike with an elevation gain of 1150m (coming back down again was what got us… that Swan Falls ravine is steeeeep). And it is accessible by transit! Make a day of it. Or two. 

    More trail info here.

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  3. April 21, 2013: Two Canyon Loop, North Vancouver

    Our first scheduled hike of the season, the Two Canyon Loop was a pleasant 8km tramp through dense mossy forest and rugged river valleys. Caught off guard by an icy downpour, the 20 hikers dipped quickly into a tunnel for shelter, shouldered their packs, and cheerfully carried on. We met some nice people and had a great time (even though second lunch was cancelled due to rain). Thanks to everyone for coming out.

    (photos courtesy of Emanuel Smedbøl, Neil Davies, Alex Barrera, and Megan McLellan)

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  5. We found an old tunnel while scouting out the upcoming hike! Aw yeah.

    (Photos by Megan McLellan and Emanuel Smedbøl)

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  7. We are planning a hike! The East Van Alpine Club is going to tackle the Two Canyon Loop, one of the few/only trails that traverses both the Lynn and Seymour River valleys. It should be nice!

    The hike is 8km, considered intermediate, and will mostly be in the forest with a few scenic views. We read that it can be done in 3hrs, but we might try to double that and make a day of it with photo and snack stops.

    Everyone is welcome. The hike is accessible by transit, and we will be meeting at the bus stop at Powell St and Commercial Drive at 9:40am (bus leaves at 9:59am, but only runs every half hour so don’t be late!). Conversely, if you want to drive we will meet outside the End of The Line General Store at 4193 Lynn Valley Rd at about 10:45am.

    Bring sturdy shoes, something warm, something to keep you dry, water, and a lunch.

    Find us on Facebook and Instagram.
    Hike details at vancouvertrails.com

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  11. We’re starting a little hiking club here in Vancouver. Details are still a bit hazy (ridesharing, scheduling, etc) but we think the idea is vital: to set up a community based on getting out into the surrounding woods and mountains. We want to plan occasional hikes, meet people, pool our knowledge and resources, and take advantage of what the area has to offer. Together.

    We’re also hoping that members will join in, plan their own hikes, post them, and help open up the backcountry to people of all skills and experience levels. It will be fun. Let’s do it.

    If you’re interested, please check out our Facebook page. More details to trickle out.

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  13. Gimli Descent, Valhalla Provincial Park.

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  15. MicroAdventure 3: Sleep on a Hill

    Alastair Humphreys is quite the adventurer. He bicycled around the world, ran from Scotland to the Sahara, and rowed across the Atlantic (and more).

    But in this video he aims closer to home, dismantling the myth that you need to fly to the other side of the planet to do an expedition. You don’t need to be an athlete, expertly trained, or rich to have an adventure. You just have to get outside and sleep on a hill.

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  17. September 25th, 2012: Lynn Valley to Deep Cove, Baden Powell Trail, North Vancouver

    Quite scenic, especially though the Lynn Valley Canyon area. The entire trail is through the woods. Great autumn tramp. Hiked in this direction the trail is predominantly downhill, plus Deep Cove has later transit (and snack) options.

    12.1 km, about 5 hrs with breaks for lunch and snacks.

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  19. September 9–11, 2012: Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi.

    It was, eery, quiet, magical. We ascended into the clouds, into a whiteness so complete it erased all sense of scale, all sense of place. There was little evidence we were in the mountains at all.

    It began raining in earnest once we reached the lakes and we were soaked by the time the tent was up. With faint hope of our stuff drying out the 3-day trip would likely shrink to 2, so we were glad indeed for the option of the cabin. We packed everything back up, wet and weary, and headed for the shelter in the grey afterlight. It poured all night, the wind strong and loud enough to pull us from sleep. The cabin groaned and creaked.

    The rain turned to snow on the second day as we hiked up the Saddle to the Gargoyles for a brief glimpse through the fog and clouds. It was stunning. 

    And then, on the third day, it cleared up. We woke up surrounded by mountains, solid, real, gleaming and jagged with fresh snow. Just in time for a quick brisk swim before heading back down again.

    More photos from the trip here.

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  21. September 2, 2012: Black Mountain & Cabin Lake, Cypress

    Quick trip up Black Mountain for a cool newt-friendly swim in Cabin Lake. Gorged on quite a few huckleberries and blueberries, which didn’t impress the bears any. Oh yeah, we saw 3 bears. They weren’t impressed any.

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  23. August 22, 2012: Slocan Valley

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  25. August 6–10, 2012: Valhalla Provincial Park, Slocan Valley

    5 sweltering, leisurely days paddling the Slocan Lake in the West Kootenays. Cool, clear water with perfect weather for swimming. Old cabins, waterfalls, and sleeping on beaches under perseid meteor showers.

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  27. May 19–21, 2012: Sidney Spit, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

    Not much of a hike, but one of our favourite places to get away to.

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  29. April 4, 2012: Quarry Rock, Deep Cove

    A walk in the woods.

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